Whether its right or not to break the rules

In 1960, four African college students sat at a “Whites only ” lunch counter in Greenshoro,North Carolina.Their action helped launch the civil rights movement that changed the country over the next decade.It’s not right to break the rules.Don’t break the rules just,because your friends tell you to.Be nice and respectful.People will not trust you, if you break the rules.

They also won’t be friends with you either,because they don’t want to get in trouble.

No, it’s not right to break the rules.Be respectful!! Have manners, like yes,Mam,no Mam.Have manners when you eat.Once I didn’t say no Mam, to my mom,and she told me “Bre say no Mam,10 times”.Do what you are told to do.Don’t get in trouble.Be good, and nice.Help people out. If you break the rules,it could make your whole life different.If you do what you are told to,you get something back.

Follow the rules all the time. If you don’t follow the rules,you’ll get in trouble,and you won’t get to do stuff that is fun.People won’t trust you like your teachers,your parents,even your family.An example is one time I didn’t follow the rules,and I got in trouble.One time my dad ran a red light,he got a ticket.That’s why you always follow the rules.Don’t get in trouble! Follow the rules!Follow the school rules,don’t you want teachers to like you.If you break the rules,they wouldn’t be happy when you come into their classroom.Do your homework too,don’t use excuses.Be a good student that all the teachers like. Be a good friend,be a good kid.

That’s why it’s wrong to break the rules.Don’t break the rules.Don’t break the rules,because soon you will regret it. People in jail,are people that break the rules.I hope you learned to not break the rules!


Reading project

Dear diary ,

I still can’t believe Prim died . She was only 14 years old. I should have saved her , but I couldn’t get to her in time . She was so young . I will get President Snow for all of what he’s done to me and my family’s. Prim was my only sibling, and now  she’s gone .Prim was very special to me , and my friends . I can’t believe that almost all of my family dead . I can still visulize Prim sitting next to me and petting the cat Buttercup . It’s just me and my mom now . There were a lot of kids that died  with Prim . President Snow had no reason to do that to those young kids and to Prim . I will see you again diary .


                     See you later ,


The gift

   The gift 
I will never forget,last Valentine’s day was excellent. I got a big teddy bear from my dad for Valentines . My dad’s the best !
Me and my dad were watching a movie ,and then he announced ” Somebody wanted to see you Bre” . I went to the truck and there it was a big , huge teddy bear . I love ………it !
I ran inside ,and hugged so hard . I was so happy that I could scream ! The teddy bear was so big ,and fluffy . It was about my height . “I love you daddy ” said Bre . ” I love you too ” .

That night , we were getting ready to go eat at Chili’s . I was all ready and my brother was too. While we waited for my parents to get ready ,we played with the teddy bear . Finally ,we arrived at Chili’s .We played, talked, and played games. Me and my brother talked and played together . That night , I put the bear right next to me .

I learned , that day to always be appreciative of what you get ,because some people don’t have things like you do . I also learned ,to always be happy no matter what happens . Be …..joyful! Always appreciate what you get on the holidays ,or any other days . Always spend time with your family ,because you never know what is going to happen to your family .


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Life Hurts

Life hurts
You ruin my smile
Just with one word
It hurts me inside
Even though I’m disabled
Doesn’t mean I’m not smart
It afeads me
Tears run down my cheeks
Don’t laugh at me
Treat people just like
You would want to be treated
Don’t try to make my smile disappear
You don’t bother me anymore
I’ve learned
I’m one of a kind
Special and intelligent
I am who I am
God created me this way
I’m God’s creation
That makes me special
In many ways

A couple of lessons that I learned

One lesson that I learned about the Holocaust is to never give up to keep trying . They never gave up in the Holocaust . In the Holocaust the Jews and Polish never gave up . They wanted to live knowing that they didn’t give up trying . Help people don’t let other people give up . I learned to never give up just keep trying.

Another lesson that I learned about the Holocaust is that it doesn’t matter if your English , Spanish or Jewish you still help people out . In the Holocaust Jews were friends with Danish people . The Danish people would be instantly killed for hiding the Jews from the Nazis . A lot of Danish people risked their life for Jews . It doesn’t matter what color you are you’re just like everybody .else .Don’t just watch people suffer instead help them not suffer .

Number The Stars

Dear diary
I’m so sad and scared . I feel like I want to curl in a ball . I just found out that the Nazis have a list of all the Jews . They have a list of all the Jews and where they all live and there names . I can’t belive they are doing this . It’s so mean and cruel . They are going to take my parents away from me. Even worse they might take me away . I don’t want to go away .
My friend Annemarie parents are going to hide me from the Nazis . I’m going to act like I’m Annemarie’s older sister but I’m
not really her sister. Her older sister died in a car accident before she got married . My name is going to be Lise for the Nazis because they would take me away if I told them my real name.

Peter was Annemarie’s sisters boyfriend . My parents went with Peter to hide from the Nazis . Me and Annemarie are really sad .
How can the Nazis do this to Jews? They shouldn’t be able to do this to us . I’m so scared that they are going to take my parents away . Annemarie’s parents are telling me my parents are safe but, I’m still scared. Annemarie is trying to consoul me and make me feel better but it’s not working .

I’m so sad and angry . They shouldn’t be able to do any of this . Jews are people just like the Nazis are . I just don’t understand ! ! They can’t do this to Jews !!! What if they take me away . What are they going to do to me ? What if they take my parents away from me ? All these questions are making me feel dizzy and sad . I hope they don’t take me or my parents away .

See you later ,